Multimodal Methodologies Seminar

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Seminar: 14th May 2012

Multimodality, Mixed methods and Interdisciplinarity: The case of Children’s Playground games

This seminar will draw on a series of large datasets generated by the recent AHRC-funded project Children’s Playground Games and Songs in the age of New Media (

This seminar will consider how these forms of digital data can be analysed using multimodal approaches. These will attend to the modes of communication and expression involved (games, performance, dance, song); to the embodied nature of these modes; to the material media involved and the meanings these contribute. They will also consider how the meanings made in the particular cultural moment incorporate or transform earlier meanings, whether those carried from game movements, words and music from decades earlier or those derived from contemporary media forms (film, computer games, television).

This multimodal approach will consider how to carry the analysis across different kinds of data produced from different kinds of research and practice: ethnographic observation, interview, film-making and web design, and movement capture. At the same time, it will need to consider how the different disciplinary traditions and perspectives influence the analysis: cultural and media studies, ethnography, folklore studies, musico-ethnology, computer science and game design.

The day will include four sessions. Each will consist of a brief introduction outlining the context and the analytical approach. Participants will then be invited to study a selection of data and practise forms of multimodal analysis. Presenters will then summarise their own analysis and its outcomes. There will then be a fourth session to consider the challenges and opportunities of multimodal analysis across these kinds of data. Visit the MODE website for further information about the day

Participants in the seminar can look at sample material of video data and the children’s animations (Session 2) on the British Library website Playtimes: a Century of Children’s Playground Games –

Seminar leaders:

  • Professor Andrew Burn (MODE, London Knowledge Lab)
  • Dr Julia Bishop (University of Sheffield)
  • Grethe Mitchell (University of Lincoln)
  • Dr John Potter (London Knowledge Lab)

Seminar location: University of Newcastle

Registration: Please visit our online registration page to book a place.

Fee: £20

For further information contact Anna Waring:

Anna Waring
Administration Officer – NCRM Node: Multimodal Methodologies for Digital Environments (MODE)
London Knowledge Lab
Institute of Education
23-29 Emerald Street
London WC1N 3QS

Tel: (020) 7763 2199




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